ENDLESS WAR is a text-based MMO playable entirely inside your browser.

ENDLESS WAR is also a community, built around the RFCK Twitch and YouTube channels. The in-game New Los Angeles City (aka Neo Milwaukee) is full of graphic artists, musicians, story tellers, ... and gamers. Together they form a community that's as clever, inviting, and inventive as they are blood-thirsty.

It is a world of gang violence, all in the shadow of the titular monolith.

When Ben approached me in April of 2018 looking for help with his new game idea, I knew immediately it was going to be a lot of work. I wasn't sure if he'd really be able to tackle it himself, having no programming experience whatsoever.

I started working, and in a few long days the game took shape. You could gain slime, and use your slime to attack other players.

It was a chaotic mess.

The game evolved continuously, until what would be termed "the end of season one." I worked 24/7 for a month, catching bugs moments after players encountered them, at all hours of the night, and immediately patching the game and correcting the database... and also adding new features. Season One was characterized, at least in my mind, by unbelievably rapid and responsive emergent game design. Players would suggest ideas, and they would be in the game within hours.

Season Two came after a long break; a break longer than the entirety of Season One. Most players thought it would never come. This was the moment when the game transitioned from a novelty, to an actual, playable game. With Season Two, came the map.

Instead of global chat channels, the game was now split up into geographic zones, with travel time between them, on a realistic map of Boston. This paved the way for territory control, inventory and items, apartments, and so much more.

Throughout seasons two and three, the game has grown continuously. The current development team is so large, I can't keep track of who's involved anymore. It has flown far beyond its humble beginnings.

Background art by Smearg.