SoundCloud Tracks

Over the past half year I've been uploading quick (mostly) acoustic covers of songs over on SoundCloud. It's been an interesting experience... getting into the habit of recording more often and less formally has been valuable, and I feel like every day I'm getting better at singing and playing simultaneously.

The goal last year was to cut together a little EP of songs that I thought were cool when I was in high school. Sort of a nostalgic trip to practice recording and improve my singing. Given the soundcloud tracks, I think it's safe to skip this project entirely and get on to what I really want to do: some original material.

This cover of Scars is probably my magnum opus thus far, although the Die Young cover is a close second favorite. This song is cheesy as hell, but man, it really does help me feel better when I'm down, thinking about every wrong turn I ever took, and bad decision I ever made.