The End of Krakchat

After an amazing five year run, it's finally time to close Krakchat.

It's kind of unbelievable that it lasted as long as it did. The mythical "krakchat2," which seemed to be in development and Coming Soon™ for ages has now been out a year longer than the original chat lasted. KC2 introduced MySQL as a database, to replace the completely unreliable and broken sqlite3 implementation. It also introduced a chat API with crude JSON interfaces, replacing even more crude query parameters. Some may even remember the earliest KC, in which everybody was just an IP address and couldn't set their username at all.

At its heart, Krakchat was always just a science project. I wrote it in college in an attempt to learn about AJAX/XHR and web development best practices. Along with Kraknet, it helped me to get my first real job in software development.